Student Feedback

The following passages are excerpted from student evaluations of my performance as a TA and as a First Year Writing Seminar instructor:

“The discussion of texts in class were well-planned to coordinate with our writing prompts, and, as such, were very helpful.  I never felt as if a single minute of class was wasted on busy work.”

“I would recommend this course to another student.  It’s a wonderful way to become better acquainted with medieval studies, to interact hands-on with medieval texts, and to conduct thoughtful historical analysis.  It also improved my critical thinking skills.  I would certainly recommend this instructor to another student.  He is an excellent teacher, editor, and medieval scholar.  His comments (both in class and on essays) are thought provoking and insightful.  He facilitates discussion well, interacts well with students, and creates a fun learning environment that promotes deep thinking.”

“The instructor was very passionate and animated during his lectures, and demonstrated high enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“Joel was very specific on what the problems of the paper were and how to improve them.  It is clear that he took the time to give our papers a thorough reading.”

“The best aspect of this course [was] by far the instructor.  He is engaging, insightful, and always willing to help.”

“[Discussion sections] were always fun and useful.  Joel helped us through difficult sources by giving us background information and then guiding questions.  He always made sure everyone participated and let us discuss our readings while he facilitated.”